Technically It’s Not My Fault: Concrete Poems by John Grandits

Technically It's Not My Fault bok cover

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Technically It’s Not My Fault: Concrete Poemsby John Grandits, 2004. ISBN 978-0618503612, 48 p.The book is a series of hilarious concrete poems. Oh no, I said, poems, didn’t I?  Ew, I don’t like poetry!  Do you like poetry?

Ok, I have to confess.  I like poetry.  As long as it’s not boring!  Do you like listening to music?  Well, that’s poetry.  And this book is poetry too…really funny poetry! And do you know what concrete poems are?  I didn’t either!  A concrete poem is a poem that forms a picture of the topic or follows the contours of a shape that is suggested by the topic.

Allow me to introduce Robert. This book is a look at his life through a series of concrete poems.   He is just an average 11-year-old boy who likes pizza, sports and computer games. He has the typical (and not-so-typical) middle school concerns like annoying his older sister, wondering why no one makes scratch-and-sniff fart stickers, and trying to invent the worlds most awesome roller coaster, which of course includes poisonous spiders.

The cover of the book has the very funny poem that explains why “it’s technically, not my fault”.  Another funny poem is  “The Autobiography of Murray the Fart.” This poem is shaped like a can of soda.  Using the drawing and the clever placement of the words, the author is able to communicate the movement of an air bubble going through a can of soda, up a straw, through the boy, and expelled out into the air as flatulence. You will probably never look at a can of soda in the same way again.

This book can show you that poetry does not have to be stuffy and boring; it can be very funny.  To read more of Robert’s funny poems, check out Technically, It’s Not My Fault by John Grandits.

Genre:  Non-Fiction

Themes:  poetry, middle school, humor

Similar books:  any other John Grandits poem books

Reading level:  3.9

Interest level:  5th-8th grade

Link to Harvest Park Library catalog:  this book is not at the Harvest Park Library.  If you would like to buy it for the library, please follow this link:  Harvest Park Library Amazon Associates link.

Author web site:

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