Trial By Journal

Trial by Journal

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Klise, Kate. Illustrated by M. Sarah Klise. Trial by Journal. 238 p. Harper Collins. 2001. ISBN 978-0-380-97880-9. 

Do you like reading books with some drawings, and other visual items?  So do I!  Trial By Journal by Kate Klise, illustrated by M. Sarah Klise has a lot of fun visual items to look at.  It’s a fun book to read.  It’s full of newspaper clippings, Lily’s journal entries, dry cleaning receipts and other items.

A murder trial is about to begin in Tyle County.  What’s so unusual about this murder trial?  Sixth-grader Perry Keet is missing, and Bob White, his co-worker at Tyle Park Zoo, is accused of murdering him.  The 6th grader’s disappearance is only the beginning in this book!

The real story is told by twelve-year-old Lily Watson, a classmate of Perry Keet’s. Lily was selected to the jury because of a new law that requires a juror under 18 years old to serve if the case involves a victim under 18 years old.  Lily has to miss school to attend the trial.  Bummer, huh? While serving on the jury, she has to stay at the very interesting Menagerie Hotel along with all the other jurors.   The only homework assigned to her is that she has to keep a journal of the trial.  Well, this book is her journal.

Part of Lily’s duty will be to listen objectively to the testimony of Tyleville’s wealthiest citizen, Rhett Tyle. Rhett’s testimony is expected to be extremely important to convicting Bob White’s.

Bob White’s future now rests in the hands of Lily Watson and fellow jurors Fawn Papillon, Anna Conda, and other Tyleville residents, as they try to discover the truth before it’s too late!

To find out what happens, read Trial By Journal by Kate Klise, illustrated by M. Sarah Klise.

Genre:  Humor, Mystery

Themes:  law, animals, trials, murder, journals

Reading level:  6.0

Interest level:  4th-6th grade

Link to Harvest Park Library catalog:  Trial By Journal

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  1. Mary Ann Harlan says:

    I love the format of Kate Klise books!

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