The Spatulatta Cookbook

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Gerasole, Isabella and Olivia. The Spatulatta Cookbook. 128 p. Scholastic. 2007.  ISBN 978-0-439-02250-7.

Do you like to cook and/or bake?  You may want to check-out The Spatulatta Cookbook by Isabella and Olivia Gerasole

Isabella and Olivia Gerasole are two sisters that inspire and motivate other kids to cook, and have fun while making healthy snacks and meals. They are the hosts on, a cooking for kids website that won a James Beard Award, which is the same as getting an Academy Award in the food world. Their kid-friendly recipes range from basic “Mom’s the Star Toast” to ethnic “Yumbo Gumbo.” The cookbook is arranged by season and also includes special sections dedicated to snacks and vegetarian recipes along with easy-to-follow basic cooking skills and weights and measures, which is surprisingly handy!

One thing is for sure: if you start looking through The Spatulatta Cookbook, you will probably find yourself as excited about cooking as Isabella and Olivia are.

Bon appetit!

Genre:  Non-fiction

Themes: cooking, baking

Reading level:  6.0

Interest level:  3th-7th grade

Link to Harvest Park Library catalog:  This book is not at the Harvest Park Library.  If you would like to buy it for the library, please follow this link:  Harvest Park Library Amazon Associates link.

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