Waves: From Surfing to Tsunami

Book cover of Waves: From Surfing to Tsunami

book cover image from isbnlib.com

Kampion, Drew. Illustrations by Jeff Peterson. Waves:  From Surfing to Tsunami. 79 p. Harper Collins. 2001. ISBN 978-0-380-97880-9.

Have you ever been swimming in the ocean? Surfing? Have you seen any really big waves?

This book, Waves:  From Surfing to Tsunami by Drew Kampion, who is well-known in the surfing industry, with illustrations by Jeff Peterson, has lots of spectacular photographs of really big waves.  You will not be disappointed by the amazing pictures in this book!

From rips to undertows, tsunamis to tidal bores, this book looks at all kinds of waves, lunar and wind influences, and the anatomy of a wave. Amazing photographs and unusual facts make this book both authoritative and fascinating. Mixing science and storytelling, this guidebook to the motion of the ocean gives us a better understanding of waves.

To see all of the great photographs, check out Waves:  From Surfing to Tsunami by Drew Kampion.  Hang loose!

Genre:  Non-fiction

Themes: ocean, waves, tsunami, surfing

Reading level:  6.4

Interest level:  3th-7th grade

Link to Harvest Park Library catalog:  this book is not at the Harvest Park Library.  If you would like to buy it for the library, please follow this link:  Harvest Park Library Amazon Associates link.

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