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Clay. By David Almond.  2005.  Delacorte Press.  ISBN 978-0-440-42013-2.If you like creepy, this is the book for you!  In Clay, by David Almond, fourteen-year-old Davie, and his best friend Geordie, are altar boys in their English town.  As they are hanging out one day, they see Crazy Mary, a neighbor, and a boy, a little older than themselves, get out of a taxi and go into Crazy Mary’s home. Life won’t be the same any more for Davie.The boy’s name is Stephen, and Crazy Mary is his aunt.  He’s staying with her because his Dad died, and his Mom is crazy.  Father O’Mahoney asks Davie  and Geordie to be nice to Stephen, but Davie gets more than he bargains for.  Stephen, a very talented sculptor, sees that Davie has supernatural powers like himself.  Stephen watches from a distance as one of the town bullies, Mouldy, picks on Davie.  Stephen approaches Davie afterwards, prompting Davie to admit that it would be nice to see Mouldy dead.  Stephen then convinces Davie to use his position as an altar boy to steal the body and blood of Christ at the next Mass so that they can use this to create a creature to protect them.Will the creature, named Clay, protect them or hurt them?  Will good overcome evil?  Read Clay, by David Almond, to find out.Genre:  Supernatural, Horror

Tags:  supernatural, horror, teens, murder, Catholicism, death, monsters, bullying

A/R Reading level:  3.2

Interest level:  Grades 7 up

Link to Harvest Park Library catalog:  Clay

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