The Boy Who Saved Baseball

The Boy Who Saved Baseball

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Ritter, John H., The Boy Who Saved Baseball.  216 p. Philomel Books. 2003.  ISBN 978-0-399-23622-8.
Whether you like baseball or not, I think you’ll like this book!  This book obviously has a sports focus that will get boys attention.  However, this book will definitely appeal to girls too.  The story and characters in this book are developed so well, that the book will appeal to a large audience.Dillontown, a small, sleepy town between San Diego and the desert, is about to change forever.  Old and wise Doc Altenheimer owns 320 acres in Dillontown. He’s under a lot of pressure from a local housing developer to sell it so the developer can build a housing development.  Doc promises to not sell the land, which includes a dilapidated baseball field, if the Dillontown not-so-talented summer camp team can beat the very-talented team that’s located nearby.

Tom Gallagher, the 12-year-old narrator, feels responsible for his team winning the game. He will try anything to get the team together and in shape for the big game. Amazingly, he gets some help when the mysterious and talented Cruz de la Cruz rides into town (literally!). The team is so desperate they even pay a visit to the reclusive Dante Del Gato, a former major league legend. Del Gato claims to have the secret of hitting, which would really help the team.

Can they convince Del Gato to share his secret of baseball and save the town? Will the Wildcats win the game in order to save their town?

Read The Boy Who Saved Baseball by John H. Ritter to find out.

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Genre: Sports fiction

Tags: baseball, legends, working together,

Series: This book is not part of a series.

A/R Reading level:  4.4

Interest level: Grades 5-8
Link to Harvest Park Library catalog:  The Boy Who Saved Baseball
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