Walter Wick’s Optical Tricks

Walter Wick's Optical Tricks

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Wick, Walter.  Walter Wick’s Optical Tricks.  48 p.  Scholastic.  1998.  Grades 1-8.  ISBN 978-0439855204.

Optical illusions are fun for all ages to look at.  This book is no exception! From the creator of the I Spy series, comes this impressive book of optical illusion photographs.  Readers of all ages will wonder “how did they do that?”.

Each double page spread has an “I Spy”-style photograph which includes the optical illusion and text.  The text accompanying each illusion explains what to look for in the illusion.  At the end of the book there is an explanation of what your eye is really seeing in each picture.  Children and adults will look at these illusions over and over.

Thankfully, the author assures readers that “The illusions in this book are not meant to be an intelligence test, but a playful and entertaining introduction to the mysteries of visual perception.”  Phew!

This book will be enjoyed by all!

Genre:  Nonfiction (Dewey Decimal 152.14)

Tags: optical tricks, optical illusion, I-Spy, visual perception

Series: This book is not part of a series.

Author’s website:  Walter Wick

A/R Reading level:  3.2

Interest level:  Grades K-8

Link to Harvest Park Library catalog: Walter Wick’s Optical Tricks

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