Garfield Takes the Cake: His Fifth Book by Jim Davis

Garfield Takes the Cake-His Fifth Book

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Davis, Jim.  Garfield Takes the Cake:  His Fifth Book.  96 p.  Ballantine Books.  1982.  ISBN  978-0-345-44978-8.

If you ask what a comic book is doing in the Harvest Park Middle School library, we need to talk.  Seriously.  We have over 30 Garfield books in the 741.5 section (that’s library talk that means “that’s where the comic books and graphic novels are”), and these books fly off of the shelves!  They are some of the most popular books in the library, and are in fact, meant for kids in grades 5-8. This is the 5th book in the “Garfield Classics” series.  Garfield is laugh-out-loud funny.

Garfield is a  very lazy, food-lovin’ (please don’t make him work too hard to get it) cat owned by Jon, or maybe Garfield owns Jon.  Garfield really does seem to rule the house!  For fun, he loves to torment the dog, Odie. In this book, Garfield has the usual hilarious issues with wanting more food without having to work for it.

Each page has either two different three-paneled cartoons, or one six-paneled cartoon, so there are lots of places in the book where you can take a break.  This is good to know in case you don’t have a lot of time to read.  You can easily pick up this book and read it for five minutes or 55 minutes!

For a great laugh, check out Garfield Takes the Cake:  His Fifth Book by Jim Davis.

Genre:  Comic, cartoon

Tags: cats, Garfield, funny, Odie,

Series: This book is the fifth in the “Garfield Classics” series.

Garfield website:  Garfield

A/R Reading level: n/a

Interest level:  Grades 4-8

Link to Harvest Park Library catalog:   Garfield Takes the Cake:  His Fifth Book

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