Trapped: How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2,000 Feet Below the Chilean Desert by Marc Aronson

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In August, 2010, 33 miners were trapped 2,300 feet underground in a Chilean mine for over 60 days.  Trapped details the miners struggle to stay alive, along with the rescuer’s challenges and the family’s unimaginable fear of never seeing their loved ones again. Readers will be hooked by the miner’s plight and the race to rescue them.  It was fascinating how the rescue effort brought experts in from all over the world. There are quite a few interesting and helpful drawings and pictures that complement the text. In the back, there is a timeline, glossary, “The World of the Miner” and an interesting author note titled “How I Wrote This Book” which gives helpful advice to student researchers.  Aronson is an award-winning author, but I did think that the writing style in this book was a little distracting.  The author sometimes glossed over interesting areas yet gave more detail to areas that didn’t need it. I recommend this book for students in grades 6-8.

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