Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Summer Vacation

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer Vacation book cover image

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This third book in the Charlie Joe Jackson series (Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading, 2011, and Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit, 2012) is a winner. Entertaining, substantive, and endearing, Charlie Joe, in a moment of weakness, agrees to be sent to Camp Rituhbukkee (pronounced “Read-a-Bookie”). Once there, he will do anything to get the nerdy campers to be less nerdy, and more like him. Charlie Joe becomes an unlikely leader and it turns out he has more integrity than he thought. Interspersed with complimentary black and white illustrations and letters to and from friends back home, reluctant and avid readers alike will enjoy Charlie Joe’s summer vacation. This series is good for readers who are ready for the next step up from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Review based on an ARC.

This book will be published on May 14, 2013.  It will be added to the Harvest Park Library then!

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